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Google´s project ARA was about to make a modular phone. A modular phone means that you can switch the parts of the phone very easy. If you want a better camera for your phone, but don´t want to buy a new phone, you just swap the camera module. If you think this sounds good, here´s some bad news for you. The founder of Project ARA, Dan Makoski, has confirmed that ARA now is dead.

Dan is now working on Nexpaq instead. Nexpaq is going to be a modular phone case, like Project ARA, but not really. The difference is that project ARA is a modular Phone, while Nexpaq is a modular Case that let you put different pieces on your case. You can for an example put a better speaker on your case, for better music listening.

Nexpaq started their Kickstarter campaign April 29, 2015, and the campaign ended May 30 the same year. Nexpaq got 1,934 backers and raised $279 758, way over their 50 000 dollars goal. In other words, the Kickstarter crowd funding campaign was popular. Nexpaq is also open source, so you can buy a development kit to make your own Nexpaq module.

Some different modules are laser-pointers, SD-card readers, USB flash drives, a battery pack and much more. The Nexpaq case isn’t available for many phones, but if you have a phone in the Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6 line-up then you can buy a case. On Nexpaq´s website, you can also vote for phones that you want them to make cases for, so that’s still an option.

A case costs 99 dollars and the laser pointer module cost $19.90, the SD card reader $19.90 and the temperature and Humidity module costs $39.90. So, do you think the Nexpaq is worth its money, or do you prefer to buy a good speaker, instead of the speaker module and a power bank instead of the battery module? Leave your comments down below!


Via: | Android Police |

Source: | Nexpaq on Twitter |

Image Credit: | Nexpaq |


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