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GoPro, the well-known action camera brand is stepping their foot into virtual reality with the Omni. Omni, which is essentially a VR kit, is a very refreshing product. It’s not just a piece of aluminium that holds everything at the right angles, it also syncs everything together to make it easier to post process.

The Omni, pictured above, syncs six different GoPro Hero 4 Black edition cameras together as one shot. There is one “main” camera so when you set certain settings on that camera Omni automatically sets all the cameras that way. The Omni goes up for sale on August 17th, for $5,000.00. This price may make you jump, but when you see what it includes it isn’t as bad.

As The Verge reports, the Omni comes with everything you see below including the case for the $5,000.00. It also includes a subscription to the new Omni software from GoPro, which really makes the price seem reasonable. The software makes it very easy to stitch everything together and make it one fluid shot, not that it’s very hard anyways because the rig itself makes it easier due to the synchronisation.

The Verge reports that the software pretty much does everything for you as far as stitching everything. The Omni can even record in 8K, which is a huge plus for film-makers, etc. You can also choose between 2K or 4K. For those film-makers we mentioned, they can go further into editing detail using the included software.

When you put into perspective how much these cameras cost individually, then add the brain of the operation the Omni, plus the software and other included accessories, $5,000.00 isn’t a huge price tag. Will you be picking up an Omni? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the video below to learn more.

Source: | The Verge |

Via: | GoPro | | The Verge |

Image Credit: | vrscout |

Video Credit: | GoPro’s YouTube |

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