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Most of you probably don’t know, but TechDependent was started three years ago to this day, by Mahfujur Rahman. And what a successful three years it has been.

A word from Mahfujur Rahman – A few years ago, I would have never dreamt that I’d be speaking from this perspective, but it’s an absolute honour and an uplifting feeling to be the CEO and leader of such an enthusiastic, passionate, and very successful small team. The past three years have been difficult, but also very fruitful and positive in a variety of ways. Each of the three years has been individually defined by a wide-range of happy memories, compassionate friendships, and enduring relationships. Of course, there have also been a few situations that have been somewhat tougher for our TechDependent family to overcome. Regardless of these difficult and challenging situations – I and the sensational team have travelled through yet another year. And we couldn’t have done this if we weren’t united, loyal, and dedicated. I can promise every single person in our audience that no matter what comes in our way in the future, we will never give up on our dreams. And as I take the time to express our appreciation for another phenomenal year gone by – we turn excitedly to the year that lies ahead of us. We look forward to another wonderful year – another huge opportunity for us to develop and strengthen relationships even further; a time to create and cherish even more shared memories and a time filled with dreams that are brought ever closer and milestones achieved. Today, as we celebrate our anniversary and International TechDependent Day, I value, even more, every single one of the special people in our TechDependent community that we are able to share this truly inspirational occasion with. The past three years have been definitely a few of the best years in my life, and I’m sure that there will be a lot more successful years to come. In addition, I will continue to make my parents, friends, family, employees, and supporters proud of everything that I do now and in the future. Thank you all for being beside us this past year, and may you all continue to enjoy seeing TechDependent grow.”

Now, I remember scrolling through Instagram one day, and I came across the TechDependent account. I followed it and after a while, they posted an image saying that they wanted more writers. Since Journalism is my passion, I instantly sent in my “application” to join the team. When I got approved, we started off with a Kik group chat that really had no idea of what we were going to do. Once we moved to a better platform, we got this sense of direction, of purpose to engage with our community to bring great unbiased reporting. Since I’ve become the Editor in Chief, that mission still stands. Sure, we have had our ups and downs now and then, but we are powering through it all and prevailing in what we do. Furthermore, when I became the EIC, I gave TechDependent that sense of direction and purpose, and you probably saw it going on. That still holds true to this day as well. Myself, Mahfujur, and the other editors on our team are passionate about bringing you the best non-biased upcoming technology news. That will never change.

A word from Tim Sullivan – “It was March 29th, 2016 at 6:53 AM when I had built up the confidence to send my direct message to TechDependent’s Instagram after seeing their post regarding new writers. I told them about how passionate I was about technology, but that I was only 14 years old. At the time I thought TechDependent was a large corporate business that had thousands of employees. So I thought why would they want a 14-year-old? I tried to stand out and said I would love to help out. They accepted and that was one of the happiest days of my life. Once I joined I learned that TechDependent wasn’t a huge group, it was much more personal than that. Over the past four months, I have found a group of people that I will proudly call my family. Whenever I’m communicating and socialising with the TechDependent team I feel at home, I feel like I’m in a group that I belong in. TechDependent is something special and we are only getting started.”

TechDependent has sure grown a lot since I joined, and I am happy to say that it will only get bigger and better. We’re starting the process of several big projects that I am excited to announce at a later date, as well as the constant search for great writers looking to join a team of passionate and dedicated journalists ready to shape the future of Technology reporting.

A word from Jaya Besteman-Goold – “TechDependent? What does that sound like to you? You may have heard of it, on Instagram or other social media, and you may really enjoy TechDependent’s content. But for me, TechDependent is a website where I can satisfy my love for tech and journalism by combining them. When I joined TechDependent, I would never think that I would make it this far, I was unconfident, and I thought my articles and my work were bad. Our CEO changed this however, he convinced me to keep working, he is always telling us to keep our motivation high, and he supports us no matter what happens. I’m so happy and I feel like TechDependent is my home, my family, and my passion.”

If you told me three years ago that I would become the EIC of a small not so well-known website (yet) and follow my passion of Journalism, I would have probably laughed in your face and said: “In your dreams!” Now, it is a reality and I can’t be happier. It has been a pleasure helping shape TechDependent to what it is now, and what it will be in the next three years. – Steven Schroeder

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