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Virtual Reality is here, and it’s expanding to more than almost all of us thought it would. When I think of VR, I think about gaming. When other people think about VR they think about real estate, two completely different things done with the same technology.

If you have ever visited a new development complex, you were likely to see a “model home or apartment”. The Guardian, brings up a good point when they say instead of building an actual place, they could just put together a VR model. Another plus is that you don’t have to go to the model home, it will come to you.

One of The Guardian’s own experienced a service like this. It was interactive, with smiling people and switching scenes. It was all controlled through the realtors iPad, he could show her the whole place, without moving a leg. VR, specifically 360 video isn’t always the best quality, but the potential for VR in new developments is huge.

It takes much less time, money, and travel to do things the VR way. How quickly will companies switch over? That’s up to them, but with all the benefits and the easiness to the customer, I think it will be soon.

VR seems to be taking over several markets. One place I wouldn’t have expected it would be real estate, but here we are. Would you like to use VR to see your new place? Or do you need to see it in person? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: | The Guardian |

Image Credit: | Fortune |

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