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For people who get easily annoyed or have sensitive ears, noise canceling headphones are a great buy when they want to listen to their music and escape the crazy world in front of them. There is one huge disadvantage, though, it blocks out pretty much all of the noise. Which, when you’re traveling on a Subway, Train, Bus or something completely different, you could miss out on important pieces of information. That’s where Sony’s new noise canceling headphones come in, as it can cancel out most if not all of the background noise, but it can let the sound of voices and other important sounds pass through.

The headphones are named the MDR-1000X, and as touched on above, it comes with several noise-cancellation modes that can be configured to block out as much of the outside noise as possible, or the option to filter in voices and/or ambient noise. And like what could happen in the scenario above, it lets you still enjoy the peace and quiet while listening to your music but makes sure that you are aware enough in your surrounding.

There is another cool feature on the right earpiece has a touch sensitive sensor that when covered, it will lower the volume and the noise cancellation so you can hear the outside noises again, making you much clearer of your surroundings. And as mentioned above, there is three noise canceling modes. One is to turn it off completely, two is to let just voices through, or the other is to block out everything.

How the noise-passthrough technology works is by having a microphone that is built into the headphones that records and amplifies the outside sound which in the wrong environment, could lead to some unnatural sounds. When looking at how well the noise canceling works, Sony is claiming that it has the “best-ever noise canceling technology.”

Interestingly, depending on how you wear the headsets, the level of noise cancellation can be increased or decreased. An example of this is if someone has long hair or glasses, it creates a gap between your ears and the headphones; and that gap lets more sound in. So by turning the noise cancellation a little higher, it should counterbalance that gap. This can be turned on or off by pressing a button on the headphones. And if it is turned on, they’ll analyze how much sounds can get through by playing a series of tones.

The Sony MDR-1000X headphones will start at $399.99, and will come in either black or beige color, and will be available in October. Stay tuned to TechDependent for more IFA 2016 coverage.

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