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The app we have all been waiting for is here! But is it as great as Google had described it?


Allo was introduced as a messaging app and the app seemed like it will replace your old SMS app with this great like, like iMesage does. After downloading the app, many android users were disappointed to know that Allo is a separate texting app, more similar to Kik or Facebook messenger.


The advantages of Allo over SMS are great, you can send bigger texts and smaller texts. The emojis are more clear and can also be as big as a sticker. Allo also recognizes what your partners text message says and gives a suggestive reply, this feature is great, but it does make the conversation boring since the replies are only one or two words. This can bore your partner or upset them, especially if they tell a great story and you reply with “ok” or “lol.” Allo does adapt to users texts and will suggest similar quick replies, if you type “haha” instead of “lol”, Allo will adapt and next time suggest “haha” as a quick reply.


The disadvantages of Allo. First of all, it is not an SMS app, the person you are texting must have Allo as well to receive your texts. Which is frustrating because users do not like switching between apps to communicate to their friends. The purpose of bringing Allo was to get rid of all of the other messaging apps that Google made, but it seems like this app will will not be any greater than Google Hangout. Second disadvantage, Allo requires a real number although it is not a replacement for SMS. There are already many apps that let you text without a number, therefore Google will lose the audience who use iPads, iTouch or any other device that does not have SIM card.


We are hoping that Google updates Allo and makes Allo the standard SMS app and there is a great chance they will since they need your number to activate the app.


Have you downloaded Allo? If you have, what do you think about it? Let us know below!

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