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Huawei recently announced three new products at the ongoing IFA, which has become a big event. Two of these new devices are phones, the Huawei Nova and the Huawei Nova Plus. These devices aren’t bottom of the line “budget” phones, but as Android Central reports, they are still below Huawei’s flagship, the P9.
The Nova Plus isn’t only bigger than the Nova but also includes more features, including a better camera and a bigger battery. Both phones use USB C, the difference in battery size is only 15 mAh, and the megapixels double when you jump to the Nova Plus. The Nova has a 5-inch screen and the NP has a 5.5-inch, the same size as the iPhone 6S Plus. Along with 3 GB of RAM both devices also share 32 GB of storage through microSD, and have fingerprint sensors.
The third device is question is a tablet, The MediaPad M3. This device has a “2560 x 1600” ¬†8.4-inch display, Android Central reports. The tablet also comes with Bluetooth 4.1, storage ranging from 32-64 GBs, and a “5100mAh” battery. This tablet will be available before the other two devices at the end of this month with pricing ranging from 401 USD to 503 USD, depending on LTE and storage. The device will be available in these countries according to Android Central “China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, France, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Philippines, Thailand, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Japan, and Russia.”
The Nova and The NP are both going to be released in October and although the roll out won’t be extremely fast these phones¬†should be in 50 different countries sooner than later. Do any of these devices interest you? Let us know down below.
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