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In case you missed it, the LG G5 has been short of a success for the company, as they have been selling pretty bad in certain markets. That’s actually kind of weird because it has some decent specs, like dual wide angle 16MP cameras. The 32GB version is just costing €400 , so the G5 is a good mid-range device. One special thing with the G5 was the Friends modules, which would let you switch the battery very fast and you can also add an extra big battery, as well as different accessories like a DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) or a camera shutter. LG skipped the module idea for their newest flagship V20, and they’re also rumored to skip the modularity part with the G6 as well.

Some reports are also saying that LG will have some new features in their G6 that LG has never used before. The report also claims that LG currently is working with the audio chips for the G6. The release date of the G6 is still unknown, but we’ll probably need to wait a while because the V20 was released pretty recently.

LG’s idea to make a semi-modular phone didn’t become as popular as they wanted. The biggest reason to that may be the lack of great modules. The idea was good, but it was also meaningless when there weren’t any great modules on the market. And the modules that were available  were expensive and are not worth the money.

What do you think about the Friends modules? Do you want or have LG’s Friends modules? Let us know in the comments below or on any of our social media pages.


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