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A little under two months ago, I teased that TechDependent was starting several big projects as part of our major 3-year anniversary milestone. And I’m proud to say that we finished one of them, and that is this brand new website, which took about three months to develop.

Ever since I stepped in as the Editor-in-Chief of TechDependent, I wanted to make sure that the website delivered excellent, unbiased technology news coverage that would enrich our audience in the best way possible. As we were continuing to do that, our management team thought that the old website didn’t really fit the message that we as an online publication were trying to convey. So, a little over three months ago, the team secretly started to work on designing a new website that would best fit our core mission. And I’m happy to say that with the launch of the new website today, it fits that message.

As the team gathered their thoughts on the old website, we came to the conclusion that it was a bit cartoonish in appearance and the load times weren’t the greatest both online and on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. There were also some backend issues that needed attention as well. So, after weeks of testing and searching for new website hosts, we came to the conclusion that WordPress was the best fit not only for us but for our audience as well. However, we couldn’t really find a WordPress theme that fit what we wanted as a new website. Thankfully, that’s when Craig Dowdall stepped in and offered his hand in developing our current design, and we can’t be happier with his performance and what he has accomplished for TechDependent.

When we were thinking of a new design for the website, we wanted something that would have a more flat, modern and simplistic feel; and that is certainly achieved here with Craig’s design. You will see that we have cut down on those cartoonish animations and design cues, and instead replaced them with nice, flat ones that flow between each other really well. We also switched over to more minimalistic font choices, which helps fit that theme as well. Simply put, we want you to enjoy the utmost experience of our website – whether you’re reading an article about the latest technology news, exploring an in-depth review of the latest piece of technology, or relishing any of our additional services.

Not only have we modernized the design of the official TechDependent website, we’ve refreshed and tweaked a lot of the internal and technical elements too, so at the end of the day you’ll have an immaculate experience – regardless of whether you’re using our website on a smartphone, tablet, or on desktop; which we couldn’t have said for the old Wix website, as mentioned before.

As soon as you land on our homepage, you will instantly taste the fresh website with a professional, minimal, magazine-like interface that empowers us with a stronger ability to deliver more high-quality content, as well as enhance your experience and satisfaction as a user of our website. This time, we will provide you with a more interactive and engaging user experience complemented with cleaner pages, plus bigger and sharper images.

A word from Mahfujur Rahman – “I, as the CEO of this innovative news publication, value every single one of the unique people in our TechDependent community that we are able to provide service to. As I have previously stated on our 3 year anniversary and International TechDependent Day article, the past three years have been definitely a few of the best years in my life, and I’m sure that there will be a lot more successful years to come – not only for me, but for TechDependent, and of course the world of technology.”

Now, our team is delighted to share this sensational update with you – and I’m sure that you are as proud as we are. There is always room for improvement, and we will continue to develop our services just for you. It’s a fact that perfection can never be achieved without progress, and at TechDependent, we always strive for progress and perfection. This is a fresh start of a revolutionary new beginning for TechDependent and the technology community.

Even though our website might have changed hosts and designs, I want to reiterate that our core mission is still the same; and that is delivering you, the reader, the best, unbiased technology news coverage available today. That will never change. We believe that we as an online news publication can also strengthen your knowledge of technology in an ever-evolving world. And I’m absolutely positive that we will achieve that, and continue to do so.

I would like to conclude this message by thanking you all for being so supportive and staying by our side since day one, and I look forward to opening more doors for us, as well as for you and the amazing technology community across the world, as you all continue to enjoy seeing TechDependent evolve into more successful levels.

Editor’s note: Mahfujur Rahman contributed to this article

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