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If you’re a person who travels a lot and are in need of a simple phone mount that can hold your phone without a hassle, you might want to consider buying a magnetic phone mount. That is why today we will be looking at the OMAKER car air vent holder.

If you have never used a magnetic phone mount or heard of it before, you are in the right place to figure out everything there is to know about them. To begin with, there are many different phone mounts that are magnetic, but not all of them are perfect and most of them cannot support the new standard size smartphones. I have tried some of them before and they did not support the weight of my Galaxy S7 Edge and others just let the phone fall when I drove over speed bumps.  But I’ve been testing this specific car mount for a week now and it has caught my attention, and here is why.

The OMAKER magnetic phone mount grips the phone extremely tight, you can go over speed bumps  without worrying about your phone falling off or even losing its adjustments. The phone mount itself grips onto the A/C unit which is great for two reasons, first of all, it will keep your phone cool during long trips and second benefit is that it will not leave any marks if you decide to change the place of the phone mount. What’s more is that the magnetic phone mount is simple to use, you just simply put your phone on the magnet and it will hold the phone tight, there is no need to waste time and try to use two hands to fit the phone properly in a place. Regular car mounts can also leave marks on windshields and dashboards that are hard to clean off and they also allow your phone to overheat because of the sunlight, and may also cause your smartphone to turn off until it cools down.

Every gadget comes with something we might not like, well this mount has one flaw. For the phone to grip tightly to the magnet, you will have to put a circular or rectangular plate on the back of your phone so it can grip to the magnet. However, you can use this with a case if you like.

If you have any questions about this product, feel free to ask below and if you’re interested in buying one, click here and use this code: KBEBTDVE.

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