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When Pokémon Go was released it became a big trend. Almost everyone that had a phone or tablet played Pokémon. The usage of the app is now decreasing dramatically, a lot because of the winter. Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, is now trying to get more active users. They will soon release a huge update of the game, which will bring “Gen 2”. Gen 2 means that there will be a release of more than 100 new Pokémon creatures to the game!

Niantic isn’t just going to add 100 new creatures to the game, they will add some Legendary Pokémon to the game as well, such as Mew and Mewtwo. You will also be able to trade your Pokémon creatures with friends and play PvP (Player versus Player) battles.

All these features came via an analysis of the game’s code. It is not sure if all these features will be added to the game. However, a Niantic spokesperson has said that Gen 2 will come, according to Venture Beat. All other features are just rumors right now, but they will probably come according to the code analysis.

The update is expected to roll out next month, but that isn’t confirmed just yet either. Are you playing Pokémon Go? If not, will you start playing it when Gen 2 comes? We hope to hear your thoughts!


Via: | Android Authority |

Source: | Venture Beat |

Image Credit: | Tom’s Guide |

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