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You probably know that you can control Sphero’s popular BB-8 toy with a “Force Band”. Sphero’s Force Band will now be able to do other things in your home, such as turn the light on and play music, while just moving your arm like a real Jedi.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfjVP8b0e5Q]

When the Force Band was announced on the CES, you could just use your Band to control your BB-8. But Sphero also said that you could be using it for more things in the future.

You can use the IFTTT automation platform to create costume applets. You can customize your applets in lots of different ways. If you want to know what you can do with your Force Band, take a look at the example applets below:



Of course, you can do some other stuff with it as well. One of the most useful features is definitely to turn on and off your lamps. These features can be pretty useful, but Star Wars fans will probably buy it just because they want to become real Jedis. The Force Band is costing about $80, but you can probably find a better deal on Black Friday.

After you’ve created your applets, you can start having fun. If you want to turn on your lamps, you can of course not use normal traditional lamps. You can for an example use Philips Hue. There are three different ways to trigger the function that you want. You can use Force Push, Force Pull or Force Stop. You can decide which of those arm motions you want when you are customizing your applets.

This gadget is very cool and it can be useful as well. You can go to bed and read a book. When you’re done, you will just need to do a simple motion with your arm to turn the light off. If you don’t like the Star Wars look of the Force Band, you will probably just need to wait a while. This is a cool idea, so lots of manufacturers will probably do things similar to this in the near future. I don’t doubt that you will be able to use your arms to control your home with a smartwatch soon. The future is coming!


Via: | Gizmodo |

Source: | Sphero |

Image Credit: | CNet | Gizmodo |

Video Credit: | Sphero (YouTube) |

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