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While Adobe’s Flash Player might have been a good thing, it has been slowly showing it’s age, and there have been better technologies coming out that is more stable and faster than Flash, such as HTML5. So, website browsers have been starting to rely less on Flash and more on HTML5. Now Google made a statement back in May that they would eventually block all Flash Player content on Chrome, and they have held onto that statement as they are now slowly rolling out HTML5 content to limited users over the next couple of months.

The rollout will start with just one percent of users with the current version of Chrome. Then everyone should have Chrome updated with the HTML5 support by February when the most recent beta version becomes stable enough.

Sites that don’t have an HTML 5 content player but flash content instead, it will be blocked unless users enable it manually on a site-by-site basis. This would only apply to users who visit the website for the first time, but by October, every site will require specific user permission to run Flash content.

Like mentioned earlier, this isn’t the first instance of websites using HTML5 over Flash. Facebook made all of their videos play in HTML5 instead of Flash across all browsers, and even Adobe has gone out and said that people should stop using it’s Flash player. So, it seems as though times are changing for the internet, and it’s probably for the best.

Source: | Chromium Blog |

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