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Yup. You read that title right, it’s quite annoying how the carriers fight back and forth, isn’t it? You might be very excited if you are a Verizon user, but keep in mind to add this service to your plan isn’t going to be exactly cheap. Unlimited data seemed to be a thing of the past when the big guys such as AT&T, T-Mobile, etc abolished it from their service, making customers have limits to their data usage. It was hard for people to accept this, needing to be careful and listen to those annoying text messages telling you to slow down or it will cost you. Although the companies were making more (or at least that was the plan) the consumers were unhappy, and as the phone companies always do, they tried to compete and bring it back. As Android Police reports, “T-Mobile, Sprint, and even AT&T” are starting to bring Unlimited Data back, for a pretty penny. Customers are very happy to use as much data as they want, some not even caring about the price. Verizon is now deciding to jump back into the world of unlimited, the company made the announcement using the video below.

In the video, Verizon basically lays out why now is the time to start this plan and how it is going to benefit the consumer. Now, for the questions. How much will the plan cost? It will cost you $80 for not only unlimited data but also unlimited talk and text. Will Verizon be able to slow your service down like other carriers have done in the past under the radar? If you are in a congested area and have already used 22GB that month, then yes they have the ability. Android Police reports all of this plus the fact that your audio and video “will be compressed”, while still maintaining that HD quality everyone likes. If you add four lines to your plan the price will just be $45 for each line. You are allowed to have tethered data on this plan, which allows you to use your phone as a hub for other devices. The catch for tethering is once you reach 10GB of tethered data, your speeds will be cut to 3G, according to Android Police.

Verizon’s New plan fits in the middle of the other big guy’s plans as far as pricing goes, but because of Verizon’s wider coverage across the U.S., this might be the right choice for many consumers.

Do you use Verizon? If so, will you be switching to unlimited data? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us @TechDependent

Source: | Verizon |

Via: | Android Police |

Image Credit: | Life Hacker |

Video Credit: | Verizon’s YouTube Channel |

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