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Alongside the announcement of the Essential Phone, Andy Rubin’s new company also announced the “Home,” which is their take on the Google Home and Amazon’s Echo line of virtual home assistants.

The Essential Home has a sleek circular design and could easily be mistaken for Google’s Nest thermostats at a very first rough glance. The round display can be activated in three ways: by either using simple voice commands, a tap of a finger or even just by looking at it. Like with the Google Home and Amazon Echo, it offers the same features of those other products, but Essential is claiming that their AI is a lot more intelligent.

An example of this is the Home can detect when you’re involved in a conversation and can automatically turn down the volume. Similarly to the Nest thermostat, it can learn and take notes of your routines and can let you know when “something feels off or if a light is left on.” Just like Google Calendar, it’ll remind you how long you have until you need to leave. It can also perform the usual tasks such as setting timers, answering general knowledge questions and keeping you updated on the news.

All these features are a part of Ambient OS, which is the platform that the Essential Home runs on. According to Manuel Roman, who is the Head of Engineering for Essential, the operating system is aware of the layout of your home, the people in it and the service that your family utilizes. It also interacts with IoT devices directly, which could help mitigate some privacy concerns.

Essential is focusing more if its time to the Phone, which ships to users who pre-order within the next couple of months. Because of that, the Home’s availability and price will still be ways away before being official. Nevertheless, Essential is taking the wait time advantage by letting developers embrace Ambient OS with early access to its open SDK so that it’ll be ready for when it finally launches.

What do you think about the Essential Home? Do you think it’s better than Amazon’s Echo range or Google’s Home? Let us know in the comments down below or on any of our social media pages.

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