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A team of researchers at Microsoft has announced its new pair of AR glasses. This technology was design by the same team of researchers in Microsoft. They have revealed a paper that shows that the new technology has been slimmed and appears to be a skinnier version of its predecessor.

This new innovational technology was announced in the research paper which was titled “Holographic Near-Eye Displays for Virtual and Augmented Reality”. This was written by Andrew Maimone, Andreas Georgio and Joel Kollin. According to a report, the end results of their research work were published in the ACM Transaction on Graphics Journal.

They describe this in the research paper: “novel designs for virtual and augmented reality near-eye displays based on phase-only holographic projection.”

The research methodology of the study which was written by the researchers is “built on the principles of Fresnel holography and double phase amplitude encoding with additional hardware, phase correction factors, and spatial light modulator encodings to achieve full colour, high contrast and low noise holograms with high resolution and true per-pixel focal control.”

This design of the pair of glasses looks almost the same as the normal pair of glasses we know which the user could feel comfortable to wear it on a daily basis. The form factor is said to be the major thing that differentiates this new technology from that of the HoloLens.

‘The proposed holographic displays provide full colour, high resolution, and high-quality imagery and are capable of true per-pixel focal control and user vision correction,’ the team said in the research paper.
The team will give the world a detail of their work amidst a panel somewhere in August at this year’s SIGGRAPH convention in Los Angeles.
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