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The Nintendo Switch is a unique gaming console. It’s a combination of a home console and a portable console, which allows you to play games on your TV in the morning and then continue to play the same game on the built in display when you’re on the bus heading for work. Nintendo has also filed a patent late, which said that the Switch would become VR compatible. However, the YouTuber Nintendrew didn’t want to wait for Nintendo to turn the Switch to a VR device, so he did it himself.

Nintendrew took his Switch and put it in a Durovis Dive 7 VR headset and then he opened a Zelda YouTube video in the secret web browser. He said that any tablet sized VR headset would work for this, so you don’t need to have a Dive 7. He was able to watch the VR video on the Switch, but the video quality was not the best.

He also said that Nintendo will most likely work more with VR in the future. In the meantime, you can use Nintendrew’s method to watch VR videos on the Switch but with some quality issues. Do you have a Nintendo Switch? If so, do you want it to become VR compatible?


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