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Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone has been rumored for quite some time to include a hidden fingerprint sensor behind the front LCD panel. Unfortunately, it seems as though that might not come true as there have been developmental issues. However, Qualcomm just announced that they will be working on developing technology for fingerprint scanners that will be located directly underneath the phone’s display panel. This is a new venture for the otherwise well-know chipmaker, and production will start in the summer of 2018.

The hidden fingerprint sensor would use ultrasonic detection because according to Qualcomm, it makes it easier to “see” through the smartphones display panel to read the users fingerprint – as long as the display panel isn’t too thick. For Qualcomm’s technology to work, the display panel would have to be under 1200 μm thick, which would leave LCD panels out of the running, as they’re often thicker than that. OLED panels would be used instead because of their thinner design.

According to Qualcomm, the ultrasonic fingerprint technology can also detect heart rate and blood flow – which something a traditional fingerprint sensor can’t do just yet. The technology would also work when the screen is either off or on – doesn’t matter. The company is also saying that the new sensor technology will be just as fast as ones that are found on higher-end smartphones today; as well as being able to work underwater. That’s because the sensor would be located below the display panel, so there isn’t any hole that needs to be drilled into the device, thus making it easier for a waterproof design.

Qualcomm also announced two other fingerprint sensor designs that use the ultrasonic technology that can be placed directly under metal or glass – but not underneath a display. Those sensors will be arriving much sooner than the under-display version however. Interestingly, Qualcomm mentioned that all of its fingerprint sensors will work with non-Qualcomm chipsets, which makes it easier for everyone to access its useful technology.

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