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Across the world, research and development teams are operating on a daily basis with the mission to continue to discover environmentally-friendly technologies. Stanford University’s researchers had recently created a wearable electronic film that when placed in vinegar, dissolves. Now that discovery could aid in the development of techniques to keep sensitive information in more safer and futuristic ways. Further┬áresearch and development teams had even invented technology comprising of self-destructing batteries, that some could even dissolve in liquid such as water.

A group at the University of Houston have come up with an electronic device that simply dissolves as soon as it touches water in the air. An interesting aspect of the device is that the user can control the extent of time that it takes for the┬ádevice to disintegrate – the process can be set to apply over a certain period of days or even weeks.

Not only could we be seeing extremely secure data storage devices or batteries, there could potentially be smartphones designed to dissolve after the user has had enough. But on a serious note, it is most likely that there will be newly introduced dissolvable medical devices that can easily be disposed of after they are used for medication without harming the environment.

The ideas are endless, so what do you think we’re going to see very soon?

Source: | University of Houston |

Via: | Futurism |

Image: | Askmen |

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