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After a lot of speculation, Apple finally confirmed that they do, in fact, slow down older iPhones to preserve battery life. After a Geekbench researcher came with clear evidence in the form of stone-hard statistics Apple released a letter explaining the situation. Even though many users saw this coming, it still shocked members of the community and created a lot of negative press for Apple.

In response to this “miscommunication”, as Apple is calling it, they are offering 29$ battery replacements for iPhone 6 up to the iPhone 7 models. This is a 50 dollar discount and it will be available for the whole of 2018. Apple will also be issuing an IOS update which will increase the information consumers can access about their device’s battery. They also promise that they will constantly be looking out for opportunities to increase user-experience and performance.

In the letter, which was officially posted on the Apple site, they claim the ageing issue is a chemical process common to lithium-ion batteries. Furthermore, they apologise and explain that customer-trust is extremely important to them.

What is your opinion on the situation? Did Apple handle this correctly? Let us know down below or connect with us on social media!

Source: | Apple and Geekbench |

Via: | The Verge |

Image credits: | Lifehacker |

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