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Earlier this year, Facebook tested a new feature which allows users to mute their friends for up to 30 days. They actually decided to roll out this feature to everyone a couple of days ago, so it seems like it was popular enough.

You might want to do this if any of your friends, groups, or other pages, annoy you by posting too often or don’t post interesting stuff. Sometimes it’s better to mute them than unfollow them because you hope that your friends will start posting more interesting content later (maybe when they’ve come home from their luxury vacation). There are actually many people who want to take a break from some accounts or groups for a short time only, according to Facebook. To enable this feature, you simply click the drop-down menu on a post made by the account you want to mute and choose “Snooze”.

It’s possible to manipulate your feed even more. You can hide post you don’t like from your feed, unfollow people you don’t want to see anymore, and choose friends or pages that will be shown in the top of your feed. After this recent update, you also have the ability to mute people for 30 days. What do you think about this snooze thing, useful or just unnecessary?

Source: | Facebook |

Via: | Engadget |

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