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Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming more and more popular with popular companies like Apple integrating it to their latest smartphone, the iPhone X. Magic Leap has been a part of the AR game for a while now, and they recently unveiled a so-called “creator edition” of their AR system named The Magic Leap One. It contains a pair of augmented reality goggles, a Lightpack and a controller.

The Lightpack is a small external computer which powers the system. The system is capable of “placing” objects, such as a fireplace or a TV, onto the real environment. The company also said that the Magic Leap One will support multiple input modes including voice, gesture, head pose and eye tracking. You will be able to buy this sometime in 2018 and a Software Development Kit should come at the beginning of the next year.

The Rolling Stone first tested the Magic Leap One out during some demos where the system projected a floating virtual comic book, a virtual live performance, and more. Some recent rumors suggested that this hardware was having performance problems as it is small, but Rolling Stone ensures that “there was no stuttering or slowdowns, even when I walked around the performance, up close and far away.” The website also claimed that you’ll be able to choose between two different sizes on the goggles, custom forehead, nose, and temple pads.

The external computer called Lightpack has its own graphics card and can be attached to the user’s belt or shoulder pad. The Lightpack will be as powerful as a MacBook Pro or an Alienware PC dedicated to gaming, according to Magic Leap’s founder Rony Abovitz. A second low-tier computer, with some kind of machine learning competence, is located in the goggles and its task is to handle the world detection. The AR System also includes built-in microphones, several external cameras, and speakers similar to the HoloLens by Microsoft.

The price is still unknown, but we expect it to be revealed closer to the release. What do you think about the Magic Leap One? Will you buy it?

Source: | Magic Leap |

Via: | The Verge |

Image Credit: | TechCrunch | The Verge |

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