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DJI‘s Osmo and Ronin stabilizers have been a staple for the company, making it easier for cinematographers to create amazing stabilized videos with just their hands, no other equipment required. Now the company is at CES 2018 with the announcement of the Ronin-S, which is basically an Osmo, but for SLR and/or mirrorless cameras.

While the Ronin-S is meant to handle bigger cameras than just smartphones, there is no exact weight limit. However, DJI did specify that their high-torque motors are able to work with “the most popular camera and lens combinations” while specifically stating compatibility with Canon‘s 5D line, Panasonic‘s GH-series cameras, and Sony Alpha systems.

DJI’s well-known three-axis gimbal is featured on the Ronin-S, which has been proven to help stabilize shots immensely in the past. However, the overall operation of the device could be hard to get used to, as the small thumbstick is used for panning and framing shots. There is also intelligent shooting modes such as Panorama and Hyperlapse, but they are only available on the Ronin’s mobile app. Additionally, there is a new Sport mode, which can handle frenetic motion while remaining locked onto an object, alongside a Push mode, so users can “adjust the pan and tilt axis by hand.” The company is also announcing compatibility with certain DJI Pro accessories, which offers additional components for better flexibility.

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