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Unfortunately, cyberbullying and other types of hate are becoming more and more common on social media. It’s very hard to stop for multiple reasons, partly because it happens so often. Germany will now try to stop cyberbullying by fining social media if they don’t remove posts with hate speech.

The huge fine of up to €50 million (about $58 million) will be given if the hate posts aren’t removed within 24 hours or seven days in some particular situations. This law, called the Network Enforcement Act (also known as NetzDG), actually got introduced in October 2017 but it went through a grace period until the end of the year.

The Network Enforcement Act received criticism because people thought that the law didn’t match very well with the freedom of speech. Germany still decided to put the law into effect, which isn’t very surprising considering that the country has some of the strictest laws against hate crime in the world.

It’s unknown what the social media networks think about this and how they will adapt to it. Many of the largest networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, will likely trouble to follow the law considering how many problems with hate speeches they have had before.

A while ago, the European Union actually did a request similar to Germany’s. This indicates that hate is a big problem in our modern society and that many different parties need to work together if we want to stop this. Social media need to remove mean posts and we, as social media users, can help to fight the war against cyberbullying by reporting inappropriate posts.

What do you think about this law? Do you think the hate on social media will become less common in the future? Leave your opinion below in the comment section!

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