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When you think of technology, the last place you presume to have any smart appliances would probably be the kitchen. Until recently that is, with the release of smart-refrigerators from LG and Samsung and a few more. But GE wishes to revolutionise the kitchen even more in 2018, with a giant 27” tablet, which will sit right above the stove. Introducing the GE Family Hub.

This new kitchen appliance is named ‘Family Hub’ by GE, for the right reasons. The display grants control options for other smart appliances and gadgets in the house, as well as live video from connected cameras. It has been designed, with the intent for people to be able to talk easily in the kitchen, with its video calling feature and even look up recipes quickly and easily.

This is all made possible on the GE Family Hub, with two cameras. A forward-facing camera for video calls, and a downward-facing camera, looking down onto your stove. This has been incorporated for users to be able to take pictures of their food to share on Instagram and other social media.

GE has doubled the Family Hub as an exhaust hood, due to its position directly above the stove. This is it’s primary function at the moment, provided that many people own an exhaust hood rather than a large touchscreen.

The GE Family Hub has been manufactured for some company and entertainment in the kitchen whilst preparing long meals. Many people could potentially video call and Instagram their food with ease, whilst also controlling their smart gadgets around the home – all of which is just a few touches away on the GE Family Hub. As with many CES releases this year, pricing has not been announced, but there will be a model on display at the event. A final product will be shipped in the second half of this year.

So, what do you think? Will you be buying the GE Family Hub? Let us know in the comments down below or on any of our other social media pages!

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