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TechDependent is committed to ensuring a high standard of ethical practices for our audience as well as our team; utilising the rules below, in which all employees who produce content for the site must comply with. Here’s all you need to know about ethics that guide us as a positive team.


Ensuring accuracy is one of our main goals here at TechDependent; it is our duty to provide our audience with every detail of an article or report accurately. If on a rare occasion there is one or more error(s) in a published article or report, we will immediately amend it with a proper correction.


Most content created at TechDependent is gathered by collecting information from a wide range of sources. If a source requests to remain anonymous, we will accept the request with no questions asked.


It is with our best effort that we try to avoid any conflict of interest between our employees and the subjects of content in which we report on. Furthermore, we will not tolerate relations of any kind between our employees and those subjects, as it could alter the quality and or/accuracy of the content produced. To avoid the conflict, another writer will report on the subject. Additionally, any conflict(s) of interest will be clearly noted.


TechDependent does not invest in any companies at all. Furthermore, our employees are prohibited from owning, trading or buying stock in companies we report about, or companies in the general technology field.


Our content produced is written by individuals, to which they were entitled to and may consist of their own opinion or view on a certain topic. Thus, this is the representation of the writer’s opinion, and should not be interpreted as an opinion formally approved or endorsed for TechDependent as an organisation.


Every so often, TechDependent will organise a giveaway competition for its audience; in which the proper rules of the giveaway will be posted binding the contestants if they chose to participate.


We do not permit the use of prominent figure advocacy or testimonials. However, they may be featured in news reports, mentioned and/or interviewed on a certain topic, if they are the genuine individuals involved in the subject.


On some occasions, we may receive free product samples in order for our writers to examine and review the given product(s). Please keep in mind that some companies may send us the product(s) before it is commercially available, in which case, we could agree to an embargo with the company or its PR firm. This means that we would not publish the review until a given time frame. Usually, once the evaluation of the product is complete, the review unit(s) are immediately returned to the company as per request. In some cases, we may choose to purchase and review a new product, which has not been provided to us as a free review unit via the company.


Some of the content that we produce could be sponsored by a given company to highlight a certain product and/or service. If that is the case, we will clearly display that the given article is sponsored.


Our employees may be asked to perform and appear in a professional capacity on various media outputs. The professional appearances do not represent endorsements of any products, companies, or services between TechDependent and any other organisation.

These are the guidelines and principles our employees will follow and abide by because we believe it is the best way to conduct our business, as well as to ensure success not only for TechDependent but for the whole of the technology community, now and in the future. If you have any questions or concerns about our ethics policy, please use the contact page.

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